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Kiana Sears is a community advocate, engaged ASU Sun Devil, nonprofit community leader, and an Arizona seasoned public policy professional. Her commitment to service is inspired by her father, a Vietnam veteran, and her mother, a dedicated civil servant in municipal water services for many years. Sears loves the beautiful State of Arizona and believes we must pay special attention to three key aspects for our state to flourish: water, solar and the education of all Arizona’s children, irrespective of ethnicity.
  • Over 10 years of legislative, water rights and energy regulatory experience in the Arizona State Senate & the Arizona Corporation Commission
  • Values & advocates for families and small business owners
  • Committed to serving & protecting Arizona’s taxpayers

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Kiana’s Platform

As your Corporation Commissioner, I will work hard for you to restore integrity and honor to the Commission, and to return dignity to being a member of the Commission. My vision for restoring a strong, effective commission starts with ending the corruption and the secret deals. As a former Commission staff professional, I know that rule and ratemaking needs to be done in the open for all parties to see that everyone is being treated fairly and with respect.


In addition, as your Corporation Commissioner I will work hard to:

  • Take advantage of our state’s abundant sunshine to generate sustainable solar power for use in Arizona and for export to other states.
  • Support water policies and rates that insure Arizona clean, safe water for support future generations and end the “water farming” to grow hay for dairy cows in the Middle East.
  • Restore a professional approach rather than a political games approach to rate and rule making, insuring that the Commission orders make sense for all Arizonans and not special interest groups.
  • Put a “consumers first” policy in place to keep rates as low as possible while offering utilities a fair return, and return the Commission to its original policies and mission of protecting the hardworking Arizonans who are the ratepayers.


My decade of experience as a policy maker, as a member of the Commission staff, where I worked on water issues, as a member of the Arizona State Senate Research Staff, as a small business owner, as a community advocate, and as a member of the Mesa School Board, I have the skills, experience and professional expertise to help restore dignity, integrity and professionalism to the Arizona Corporation Commission. I love Arizona and the freedom and beauty it offers us every day.  As your Corporation Commissioner, I will work hard so that everyone has the same opportunities I and my family have had to achieve the American and Arizona Dream.