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Kiana Maria Sears for Arizona Corporation Commission

Clean Politics. Clean Water. Clean Energy.

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Kiana's Values


The Arizona Corporation Commission is an amazing, unique branch of government intended to democratize the rules and rates that affect our utilities bills. Sadly, public trust in the Commission has crashed following corruption indictments and conflict of interest charges levied against former Commissioners, a water utilities owner, and more. As a servant leader, Kiana’s vision for the Corporation Commission starts with snuffing out corruption and ending secret deals. 


Enrichment through service is the guiding principle of Kiana’s life. As Commissioner, she will work diligently to restore the position’s former dignity. Commission orders should make sense for everybody, not just the utilities companies. This means placing professionalism above politics in her approach to rate and rulemaking, and never compromising the environment in the name of corporate profit.   


Utilities companies have openly spent millions to elect Commissioners who have approved rate hikes and hinder the march toward a solar future. Watchdog groups have also estimated millions more in “dark money” donations have poured into recent races as well, with Commissioners blocking legal efforts to expose potential conflicts of interest. Kiana Maria Sears advocates for her voters, and not APS, which is why she she’s funded through Arizona’s Clean Elections, not dirty special interests.   

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Why Sears

Kiana Maria Sears is a dynamic, accessible, and compassionate energy regulatory professional who advocates for public integrity and the environment. Her investment in working class water issues reaches back to her childhood as the daughter of a New Orleans Sewage and Water Board employee. She has spent her life studying public policy and serving in change-making positions at the Corporation Commission, State Legislature, American Lung Association, Mesa School Board and more.

Kiana is neither wealthy nor connected to special interests. She holds close ties to working families like her own who are most impacted by the Commission’s decisions. Her intensive political education, expertise on complex technical Commission issues, and background at the State of Arizona also make Sears the most experienced, professional candidate in the race. She is the ideal official to restore economic, environmental, and professional integrity to our Arizona Corporation Commission.  


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